Cameron hits back at critics over weak economy

City A.M. Reporter
The Conservative-led government said last night it would ease planning laws and boost lending to small businesses to revive the struggling economy, seeking to deflect calls for a major change of tack.

Prime Minister David Cameron and chancellor George Osborne are under growing pressure as their flagship austerity plan fails to stimulate growth.

A reshuffle is widely expected early this month, with some pundits and even one Conservative MP openly suggesting Osborne could be replaced, although insiders say Cameron is likely to leave Osborne in place.

David Davis, a senior MP from Cameron's ruling Conservative Party on Sunday called for an "alternative" economic policy, days after another Conservative politician goaded Cameron by asking whether he was a "man or a mouse".

With parliament due to reconvene on Monday after the summer recess, Cameron hit back in an article in the Mail on Sunday headlined "Cameron roars: I'm no mouse".

"Frankly, I am frustrated by the hoops you have to jump through to get anything done – and I come back to parliament more determined than ever to cut through the dither that holds this country back," he said.