Cameron denies a pact with News International and Tories

DAVID Cameron yesterday said it was “nonsense” that News International and the Conservative Party “got together” in a deal to exchange press support for policy influence.

“I don’t believe in this theory there was a nod and a wink and some sort of agreement”, he added.

Cameron was also quizzed over his decision to hire former News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his communications director.

Defending the appointment, Cameron said he received assurances from Coulson that he had not known about the phone hacking. Otherwise, the Prime Minister said, “I would not have employed him and I would have fired him.” Cameron put forward similar logic for his decision to hand Jeremy Hunt responsibility for the BSkyB bid: “If anyone had told me [he] couldn’t do the job, I wouldn’t have given him the job.”

He said the move was “not some rushed, botched, political decision.”

The inquiry was also read a text from Rebekah Brooks in which the ex News Corp executive expressed her support for Cameron’s election and said “professionally we’re in this together. Yes he Cam!”