Cameron defends child benefit cut for high earners

THE prime minister has defended controversial plans to withdraw child benefit form high earners.

David Cameron said chancellor George Osborne "got it right" when he announced child benefit would be stripped from households with a parent who earns over around £44,000 from 2013.

He told Sky News: "As we pay down the deficit we have to ask better-off families, those with the broadest backs, to bear a fair share of the burden.

"Saying that it is not right to go on paying a billion pounds of child benefits to families where there is a top-rate taxpayer that seems to me a very important statement about fairness."

Unions and poverty campaigners have criticised the plans and a respected economic thinktank has warned the cut could "seriously distort" work incentives.

He said that he would consider other changes to the tax system which would help soften the blow from some families, be tweaking allowances.