Cameron calls on Ken to issue full tax return

DAVID Cameron yesterday called on Ken Livingstone to publish the full details of his tax arrangements, saying Labour’s candidate “owes this country transparency about his taxes and about his company”.

He also joked about Labour in-fighting over their candidate, adding: “I don’t much agree with what Lord Sugar has to say, but when he said Londoners should not back Ken Livingstone, he was spot on.”

Livingstone has been dogged by accusations of hypocrisy after it was revealed that he paid himself through a company called Silveta Ltd, allegedly to reduce the size of his tax bill.

Although he has published the income taken out of the company he has yet to detail the earnings that were paid into it.

A spokesperson for Ken Livingstone said further publication was unlikely: “With one week until the election we’re focusing on the issues that matter to Londoners – cutting the fares, reinstating a London education maintenance allowance and putting more police on the streets.”

Cameron has repeatedly returned to the topic of Livingstone’s tax arrangements, saying last week: “The Labour candidate for Mayor is paying less on his earnings than the people who clean his offices. I think that’s disgraceful.”

With just one week to go until polling day Livingstone’s team are focussing all their efforts on associating Boris Johnson with his unpopular Conservative party, calling on London “not to let the Tories get away with it”.