Cameron calls for Gaddafi to stop fighting

David Cameron has called on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to stop all fighting today as gunfights continued in the capital Tripoli.

The prime minister returned early again from holiday, this time a break in Cornwall, to deal with the escalation in the rebel conflict in Libya that is coming increasingly close to the end of the regime.

“His regime is falling apart and in full retreat,” Cameron said outside Downing Street.

“Gaddafi must stop fighting, without conditions – and clearly show that he has given up any claim to control Libya.”

Cameron said he would like to see Gaddafi face justice but that his fate was in the hands of Libyan rebel leaders from the National Transitional Council.

"At the UN, we will be taking early action in the Security Council to give the new Libyan authorities the legal, diplomatic, political and financial support they need," Cameron told reporters.

"We will soon be able to release the frozen assets that belong to the Libyan people."

Cameron also told the rebels not to indulge in reprisals.

“Today the Arab spring is a step further away from oppression and dictatorship and a step closer to freedom and democracy,” he said.

“And the Libyan people are closer to their dream of a better future.”