Cameron called to account over his stance on EU

PRIME Minister David Cameron came under attack from all sides yesterday over his apparent dithering about Britain’s future in the European Union.

On Friday he appeared to have ruled out a referendum on the subject but said during the weekend that the words “Europe” and “referendum” could go together.

Yesterday he told parliament: “Just as I believe that it would be wrong to have an immediate in-out referendum, so it would be also be wrong to rule out any type of referendum for the future.

“Far from ruling out a referendum for the future, as a fresh deal in Europe becomes clear, we should consider how best to get the fresh consent of the British people.”

Cameron faced heckling from Labour leader Ed Miliband, who said: “Three days, three positions, first it was no, then it was yes, then it was maybe.”

But Cameron also faces a groundswell of dissent from fellow Tories – with more than 100 signing a letter calling for legislation for a referendum after the planned 2015 polls.

Meanwhile Liberal Democrat Vince Cable derided the whole debate as “horribly irrelevant”.