Cameron and Huhne step in to offer BP their support

THE UK government has finally come out in support of BP with Prime Minister David Cameron calling for “sensible dialogue” on the BP oil spill as the energy giant’s boss faced a grilling in US Congress over the environmental disaster.

Cameron described BP as an important company which employs tens of thousands of people both in Britain and the United States, and stressed that he wanted it to remain “strong and stable.”

“The right way to do that is through sensible dialogue and talking about these things as President (Barack) Obama and I did in a phone call last Saturday,” he added.

Energy secretary Chris Huhne joined Cameron in offering support, saying that the oil major should not be hung out to dry.

He praised the escrow fund set up by BP and said it was a “responsible corporate practitioner.”

Huhne, however, said that he sympathised with the US administration’s desire to deal with the situation as quickly, urgently and thoroughly as possible: “We have to recognise this is an environmental disaster of a scale which, were it to happen in our own waters, we’d be reacting in the same way.”