Calls to rename Heathrow after ex-PM Thatcher

COULD Margaret Thatcher be about to join the illustrious ranks of John Lennon, George Best and Robin Hood by having an airport named in her honour?

It looks unlikely, but there is a small yet growing online campaign to pay homage to the former Prime Minister by renaming Heathrow after her.

While MPs stood in the Commons to propose statues of the Iron Lady (of which there are already at least two, in bronze and marble), a member of the public has started a Facebook group and official petition to forever link her to the airport.

Her American counterpart Ronald Reagan already has an airport named after him, dedicated to domestic flights out of Washington DC. The baroness would presumably enjoy one-upping him by becoming the namesake for Europe’s biggest hub.

It would also pay homage to Thatcher’s decision to privatise state firms including British Airways, the carrier that holds half of the take-off and landing slots at Heathrow.

And naming the airport after the Conservative PM might make the incumbent think twice about its future when drafting his 2015 aviation plans.

Those keen on the idea should add their names to the campaign – there were a paltry two signatories on the petition by close of business yesterday, and fewer than 100 Facebook supporters.