Calls for investigation after Budget details leaked online

City A.M. Reporter
DETAILS of the potentially market moving budget were published on the internet 15 minutes before the chancellor stood up to give his speech yesterday, prompting calls for an investigation.

A copy of the front page of the London Evening Standard, containing details of economic forecasts, tax changes and borrowing, was published on Twitter well before George Osborne rose to his feet.

Some opposition politicians waved copies of the front page, which had been compiled with embargoed details of the speech, at Osborne while he spoke in the House of Commons.

“He almost needn’t have bothered coming to the House because the whole budget, including the market sensitive forecasts, were in the Standard before he rose to his feet,” labour leader Ed Miliband said.

“I’m sure he’ll investigate and report back to the House,” Miliband said.

The Budget is supposed to be kept secret until the chancellor briefs parliament on its contents.