Cable’s consultation

Considering banning:
■ Bearer bonds, which the business secretary says decrease transparency

■ Some multiple company directorships, in which a single director can have hundreds of positions

■ Companies acting as directors, to hide the firm’s ownership

■ Stopping directors banned overseas from managing UK companies

Suggestions for corporate trust:
■ Providing new types of education for disqualified directors

■ A central list of beneficial owners, holding information on anyone with more than a quarter of shares

■ Extending the time limit in which a director can be disqualified

■ Stopping people who have been disqualified in one sector from becoming a director in another

■ Changes to duties of bank directors to promote responsibility

■ Scrapping a range of regulations to create a pro-growth atmosphere

■ Boosting compensation for victims of corporate misconduct.

On insolvencies:
■ A review into the use of pre-packs administrations

■ Improving trust in professionals who administrate insolvencies