Cable plans to speed up redundancy

EMPLOYEES could be made redundant up to three times more quickly, under government plans to be unveiled today.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, is expected to announce he will consider cutting the existing 90 day consultation period to 30 days because it is too restrictive.

The proposal will be announced as part of a package of reforms designed to liberalise the labour market, described by one government insider as “the most radical shakeup of the employment law in decades”.

Cable will also unveil plans to allow employers to discuss retirement or poor performance with staff without it being used against them at a subsequent tribunal.

A separate consultation will be published that could make it easier for employers to sack workers with a pay-off.

And the government will announce a new rapid resolution scheme that could replace the tribunal system as a means of settling some employment disputes.

Meanwhile, the business secretary is expected to confirm that all claims will be referred to Acas before going to tribunal, to see if the conciliation service can resolve them first.

He will also confirm a well-trailed plan to double from one year to two the amount of time a worker must have been employed before they can lodge an unfair dismissal claim.