Bwin.Party executive pay deal dodges the shareholder spring

BWIN.PARTY has survived its annual general meeting almost unscathed by the recent shareholder spring.

Less than eight per cent of shareholders yesterday voted against the gambling firm’s remuneration report, which was backed by a majority of 92.36 per cent.

This is a significantly better result than the average shareholder dissent so far this year, more in line with last year’s average figures before the shareholder spring gained momentum.

By comparison, 51 per cent of investors refused to back rival gaming company William Hill’s remuneration report last month.

Bwin.Party’s co-chief executive Jim Ryan took home €1.63m (£1.3m) last year, comprising a €573,000 salary, €519,281 cash bonus, €523,772 worth of deferred shares and €15,933 in benefits.

Co-boss Norbert Teufelberger’s total remuneration amounted to €1.48m, including a €429,750 salary and €519,281 bonus.

But the ride was less smooth for Georg Riedl, a non-executive director of Bwin.Party and lawyer with the Riedl law firm.

Almost 30 per cent of investors yesterday voted against Riedl’s reappointment to the board.