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Lex van Dam on FX Market Trends

A focus on both the fundamentals and technicals can be profitable, though I prefer to combine them. But nothing beats having good, original trading ideas. If you have a bad idea, no amount of analysis can save you. You should always be on the lookout for new ideas, and for opportune moments where they may work. For the purposes of ActiveTrader, I’m focusing on FX markets with a presentation that should be useful for beginners and experienced traders alike. The topic is how to understand what moves currency markets, and especially what is moving the market right now. This can help you trade in a more intelligent manner.

Lex Van Dam is a hedge fund manager, and author of How to Make Money Trading.

David Jones on Equities Trading

There’s a misconception that trading has to be all about jumping in and out of the FTSE many times a day to try and snatch a few points of profit. While you can, of course, trade that way, you don’t have to. It’s perfectly sensible to look to run positions for days, weeks, or even months. For those many people who can’t watch screens all day – and sensibly don’t want to – this is the right strategy. So I’ll expand on techniques to do this, and will explain why having a more relaxed approach to the markets can result in a better chance of profitability.

David Jones is chief market strategist at IG.

Clem Chambers on Adrenaline Trades

No one wants to know how to make money investing in stocks. They really don’t! I’ve tried to tell thousands of people. Instead, people want to have a crazy time gambling. So it’s about time someone came out and suggested a few ways to give them that feeling that can’t be beat: the feeling of going to hell and back trading. Rather than trying to educate people by showing them what they don’t want to do, let’s show them all the stuff they really want to do and what happens. That’s much more fun.

Clem Chambers is an author, journalist, and chief executive of private investor website

David Rodriguez on Automated Trades

If the perfect automated trading strategy existed, I’d keep it to myself. But the beauty of automated FX trading is that you don’t need the perfect system, you just need good strategies and knowledge of how and when to use them. That has been the major focus of my work for quite some time, and that’s exactly what I will discuss at Active Trader. It won’t simply be a theoretical exercise – I’ll show you results of real trading strategies, and we can discuss ways I use to analyse different systems. And I’ll show you the systems I use most frequently in my own trading.

David Rodriguez is quantitative strategist for

David Buik on Politics and Trading

When you talk about the influence of politics, it’s all about the relationship between central bankers and their respective governments. The Fed and Barack Obama seem to go hand in glove, with Ben Bernanke more often than not pandering to Obama’s exhortations to stop worrying about debt and borrowing. This should terrify sane people. Clearly bond markets and exchange rates are more vulnerable to political nuances. But we should all beware the withdrawal of stimulus packages. It’s a very dangerous environment. Investors need to be circumspect.

David Buik is the market commentator at Panmure Gordon & Co.


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