Business bags full of hi-tech cargo

BUSINESS travellers take items worth nearly £1,500 in their airplane carry-on bags, according to a survey.

The research found that business people typically take 12 items, including essentials like toothbrushes and a shirt.

But now smartphones and iPads – costing around £700 – are making their way onto the list as technology becomes a must-have tool for modern business.

Alison Couper, global communications director at – which carried out the research – said: “Today’s business traveller is working harder than ever before and wants to be as ready, able and informed to do their job when they are on the move as in the office.

“However, our survey shows the price of staying refreshed and in touch is a high one for the modern jet-setting employee.”

The half-yearly index will chart the contents of bags to see what travellers are deeming as key to a successful business trip.

Couper added: “It’s as important as ever for businesses to control their costs. The Carry-On Bag Index gives a glimpse of the expense of flying from country to country even before travel and accommodation are put into the equation.”

According to the survey, the list of typical items in a business person’s carry-on bag includes an Apple iPad worth £699, a BlackBerry Torch 9800 (bought at Carphone Warehouse SIM-free) which is worth £464.95, a Moleskine ruled notebook worth £15 and a travel pillow worth £5.99.

Other favourite items include a Mont Blanc Rollerball pen, valued at £230, an adaptor plug, worth £3.99, the Economist, worth £2, some Colgate Total toothpaste, worth £1.45, Sure roll-on deodorant, worth £1.69 and a Marks & Spencer pure cotton non-iron shirt worth £25 plus Marks & Spencer lambswool socks worth £10.

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