Burberry to hit the large caps as Reuters de-lists

LUXURY goods group Burberry will replace Thomson Reuters on the FTSE 100 index tomorrow, after the news and financial data group de-lists from the London Stock Exchange.<br /><br />Thomson Reuters is delisting from the FTSE 100 as it wants to simplify its capital structure and eliminate the persistent discount at which the London shares have traded to North American shares. It will also de-list from the Nasdaq exchange on the same day, but will continue to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.<br /><br />Burberry was selected as the replacement for Reuters as the company on the reserve list with the highest market capitalisation. <br /><br />Gem Diamonds will be promoted to the FTSE 250 index, filling Burberry&rsquo;s spot.<br /><br />The changes are separate from the quarterly review of the FTSE 100 which were announced yesterday after the market closed.