Bullish investment experts see FTSE rising about 7,000 in 2014

City A.M. Reporter
More than a third of Europe’s top investment professionals think the FTSE 100 will rise above 7,000 points within a year, a poll showed yesterday.

More than 400 brokers, research professionals and analysts were asked to vote using electronic key pads at the annual Thomson Reuters Extel awards ceremony in London. They predicted where the index would settle a year from now.

Thirty-six per cent saw the index surpassing its 1999 record close of 6,930.20 next year, while 37 per cent forecast it would sit somewhere between 6,500 and 7,000 points.

Just seven per cent saw the index slipping below the 6,000 mark, a level last seen in December.

At last year’s event, only 13 per cent of those polled said the index would rise above 6,000 by the time of this year’s awards. The index closed at 6,400.45 points yesterday.

UK stocks surged along with other European equity markets between April and May, boosted by massive liquidity injections, but have stalled since late last month.