Buik is back! City grandee set to join Panmure Gordon in April

THE CAPITALIST is pleased to report that City maverick David Buik will soon be returning to our lives, and inboxes, after Panmure Gordon announced yesterday it would be enlisting his services as market commentator.

The firm said it was “delighted to advise that one of the City’s most entertaining voices, David Buik, will be starting on 8 April.”

The Capitalist spoke to Buik, who is known in the Square Mile for his poetic turn of phrase: “I am so very humbled by the invitation extended to me by one of London’s most august stockbrokers to commentate on financial and corporate issues of the day.”

■ To the preview of the British Museum’s Goldman Sachs-sponsored Life and Death in Pompeii exhibition yesterday, where The Capitalist spotted a sculpture of a banker “in all his glory” as the curator put it – although partial glory may have been a more apt description. Anthony Gutman, Goldman's co-head of investment banking smiled cautiously as the curator explained that statues with just a head and genitals tended to be quite the symbol of wealth and status in those days.