WARREN Buffett has been a well-recognised face over in the States for what seems like forever, but the old man certainly hasn’t lost his star appeal yet.

Buffett’s no stranger to popular culture – he’s even made cameo appearances before in US soap opera All My Children (when he came to the rescue of one of the lead characters when she was in prison on a fraud charge) and only a few months ago dressed up as Axl Rose for a star turn on a promotional video for Geico Insurance, owned by his company Berkshire Hathaway.

Fast forward to the weekend, and Buffett was at it again – this time at Berkshire’s wildly popular shareholder meeting, where the Sage of Omaha had put together his usual film of promotional snippets and funnies to amuse investors prior to the main event. And who should be starring in this year’s version but the cast of Desperate Housewives themselves, injecting a dose of high-octane glamour into the proceedings.

The clip ended with foxy Nicolette Sheridan’s “Edie” character going out to seek out Warren, claiming: “Love trumps money, my ass”. Though it appears Buffett was determined to remain as saintly as ever – happily giving up his on-screen high jinks with Edie to allow his sidekick Charlie Munger to get in on the action. There’s selflessness for you.

Gentlemen, just bear with me here, because I’m sure girlfriends and wives the world over have been twittering on for quite a while now about the upcoming event of the summer – the release of the second Sex and the City movie at the end of this month.

But for those eager ladies out there – and other halves wishing to earn some serious brownie points – there’s an exciting event coming to town. On 17 May, 1 Lombard Street restaurant in the heart of the Square Mile is hosting a “Sex and the City Quiz” in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care – a fabulously girlie competition between teams from the City, blue chip companies, the media and the world of celebrity.

There’ll be cocktails (of course), the daintiest of canapés and goodie bags, not to mention naughty waiters in the buff (ooh-er). Visit www.justgiving.com/sexandthecityquiz for tickets and details...

We’ve all heard of stock markets being affected by moon cycles and mood swings, but who’d have thought that wind speed, of all things, would have an effect of daily market returns? According to a new study investigating the correlation between the two over a ten-year period across 18 countries in Europe, there is actually a strong relationship – and it’s driven by our attitude to windy weather, which apparently exerts an even stronger effect than sunshine. Curiouser and curiouser.

Finally, happy days for ex-Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, who’s been appointed a “cultural ambassador” to Eurostar. Cue endless gags about trains full of common people. Couldn’t they have seen it coming?