The Budget: What did you think?

AFTER?yesterday’s Budget, we ran a snap poll of 250 readers with PoliticsHome to gauge your thoughts on some of the key changes.

First we asked about the decrease in corporation tax. More than 87 per cent supported the change, with 9.7 per cent against and 2.75 of no opinion. The average score out of ten was 8.31.

On the increase to the bank levy, 58.66 per cent were against, 39.76 per cent for, and 1.58 per cent undecided.

A total of 82.35 per cent supported increasing the tax allowance to £8,075 in 2012-13, with 13.73 per cent against, 3.92 per cent of no opinion. The score out of ten was 7.96.

Fuel duty cuts got a positive reaction, with 73.44 per cent for, 21.88 per cent against and 4.69 per cent of no opinion, with an average rating of 7.43 for the reform.

Finally, 52.75 per cent were in favour of the windfall tax on North Sea oil companies, with 43.36 against, and 3.91 not expressing an opinion.