Brush up on your shaving skills with luxury skincare

BEWARE, King of Shaves, there’s a threat to your dominion. The new generation of men’s skincare has evolved from an unexpected quarter. Women’s beauty brands have cottoned on to the fact that after shaving, men really do take care of their skin.

Cult classics from luxury brands such as Eve Lom and Dr Sebagh are capitalising on their already stellar skincare reputation and have developed ranges for men.

Here are our top choices for every step of the shaving routine that will ensure that your chin remains even more sculpted and pampered than ever.

An Eve Lom cleanser is a thing of legend and has evolved into something perfect for the man who shaves. With extracts of papaya, the cleanser gently exfoliates, and the Egyptian chamomile helps with any razor burn.

Eve Lom’s Morning Time Cleanser, £38

You’ll probably find some Lancôme in every woman’s cupboard, and with good reason, as the mix of reliability and luxury is a winning one. This high definition shaving foam is rich, softens the beard and allows a smooth shave. Has a masculine woody fragrance.

Lancôme Men High Definition Shaving Foam, £17.50

With a bottle fashioned by former Dior Homme-genius Hedi Slimane, this after-shave lotion really does give you designer-treatment. This is a lightweight balm that soothes as it

Dior Homme Dermo System repairing after-shave lotion, £37

There’s a reason why women swear by Dr Sebagh –the backstage secret behind the catwalk. Quite simply, it works. This post-shave serum not only moisturises, making your skin supple and firm, but also repairs the rough and tumble your skin goes through.

Dr Sebagh Serum Repair, £69


Moisturising is nothing if you’re still using a 5-week-old rusty disposable. Equip yourself with the best for the ultimate home shave. If you’re after a lasting blade with 24 carat gold, and a brush with animal hair, look no further.

Apply your cream properly with one of these. Fashioned from badger bristle, wenge wood, burnished brass – your chin will thank you for it after a brush with this beauty.
Acqua di Parma badger hair

shaving brush, £194.99

The world’s oldest barbershop, Truefitt & Hill in London, swears by German-made Dovo razors that are crafted in Solingen, the town renowned for its blades since its sword-making days.

Dovo of Solingen Bismarck Black straight razor, £138.60