Brown in key MPs' meeting

GORDON Brown will be fighting for his political survival today in a make-or-break meeting with MPs.<br /><br />Rebel MPs have still not come up with the 100 signatures they promised in a letter of no confidence. <br /><br />They need the backing of 71 of Labour's 350 lawmakers to trigger a leadership contest, which would take about three weeks.<br /><br />But last night&rsquo;s crushing losses for Labour may be the last straw for the beleaguered leader, who last week faced a flurry of resignations from ministers.<br /><br />With a General Election now expected in May 2010, Brown has made it clear he is determined to stay on and fight and will be hoping that last week&rsquo;s reshuffle will be sufficient to shore him up for the time being.<br /><br />Crucially, he has the backing of new Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who is seen by many MPs as a possible new leader.<br /><br />However, yesterday Lord Falconer, a former Lord Chancellor, became the latest senior Labour politician to speak out against the Prime Minister. &ldquo;We need unity above all. Can we get unity under the current leadership? I don&rsquo;t think so. The only way it can be achieved is with a change of leader.&rdquo;