Brown: I will solve scandal

PRIME minister Gordon&nbsp;Brown last night pledged to end the &ldquo;gentleman&rsquo;s club&rdquo; of parliamentary regulation, as he said all Labour MPs who broke the rules on expenses would not stand at the next general election.<br /><br />Brown said the House of Commons must be subject to independent regulation for the first time in history, after Speaker Michael Martin was ousted following the MPs expenses scandal.<br /><br />The announcement followed the resignation of Tory MP Douglas Hogg, who became the first politician to step down over expenses following the revelation he claimed for his moat to be cleaned.<br /><br />At a meeting of part leaders last night, Brown suggested a new body would oversee allowances, investigate abuses and impose sanctions if necessary.<br /><br />And he described the behaviour of cabinet minister Hazel Blears as &ldquo;totally unacceptable&rdquo;.&nbsp;She has admitted not paying capital gains tax on the profit from the sale of a flat repaired with taxpayers&rsquo; money.<br /><br />A poll conducted by Labour website last night claimed six out of ten members of the party now believe it must have a different leader by the next general election, due by June 2010.