Brown: I’ll crack down on bonuses

GORDON Brown put bankers’ bonuses at the heart of the general election campaign last night, as he pledged to give the FSA powers to “quash” individual pay contracts.

The Prime Minister launched a broadside against “reckless risk taking” and said a Labour government would force banks to take more responsibility.

He added: “In our manifesto, the Financial Services Authority will be given powers to quash those contracts which incentivise reckless risk taking and instability. If there is evidence to show that constraints on bonuses are being evaded, we will act,” Brown told an audience at the Royal Institution in Mayfair.

Meanwhile, the Sun’s YouGov daily tracker poll today shows the Tories extending their lead over Labour to nine points with a 40 per cent share of the vote. Labour are on 31 per cent while the Lib Dems are on 18.

But an Ipsos Mori poll for Reuters found that voters in Labour-held marginals still think Brown is a better leader despite wanting change.