Brits tighten belts to pay fares

Marion Dakers
ALMOST half of London-based workers who have seen transport costs rise in the last year have cut back on other spending to pay for their travel, according to a survey published today.

The average London worker shells out £1,291 a year on transport, and 59 per cent of those surveyed said their travel expenses had risen in the last year.

Those in the south east of England pay £1,422, making theirs the biggest travel bills in the country, a poll of 2,000 people conducted by PwC showed.

Across Britain, a worker on an average full-time salary spends around eight per cent of their wages on travel.

Around a quarter of Britons admit to borrowing money to cover their transport costs – and this figure rises to 35 per cent in the capital.

One in three have cut back on meals out, while 27 per cent have put less into their savings.

PwC transport head Coolin Desai said there were also signs that growing numbers of Brits are looking to relocate or change their mode of transport to save money on travel.

“The findings of our research highlight that in this era of austerity, many people are having to make difficult choices across their essential spend and lifestyle preferences – in particular around long term investments, leisure activities and groceries,” he said in a statement.