Brew boy Harry promises UK servicemen a cuppa after trek

AT 26.2 MILES events like the London marathon are certainly bound to work up a sweat. But even runners who competed on Sunday will surely spare a thought for Team Glenfiddich – a group of British wounded servicemen and women who later this year will embark on a 200 mile trip to the South Pole.

The British team will compete with other teams from the US and the Commonwealth to be the first to make it to the Pole.

The 2013 South Pole Challenge was launched with a royal seal of approval, with Prince Harry attending the kick-off conference last week at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. He promised representatives from America and Australia that he would be “waiting for you at the finish line with a brew”.

Although adventurer Captain Scott apparently took a bottle of whisky with him on his expedition to the South Pole, let’s hope team GB don’t take too many glugs of Glenfiddich. With temperatures of minus 35 degrees centigrade and wind speeds of 60mph, the warmth of a wee dram could lead to an unpleasant day of hungover mountaineering.