Boxing Day travel chaos

Steve Dinneen
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LONDON could grind to a halt on one of the busiest shopping days of the year after Tube drivers agreed to yet another strike if they are not paid an extra £50 for working on Boxing Day.

Members of Tube drivers’ union Aslef voted 1,025 to 127 in favour of the 24 hour action.
London Underground claims to have maintained 40 per cent of trains during the last strikes but the sheer volume of passengers on Boxing day could buckle the transport network.

Drivers are paid up to £45,000 a year and as part of the deal they are expected to work for a flat rate, including on national holidays. Aslef says drivers are busier than they used to be and says the deal should be renegotiated.

The two sides have not come face to face in a month, with London Underground accusing the union of holding London to ransom.

Union boss Bob Crow fanned the flames, saying his only loyalty is to his members and he “couldn’t care less if we had a million strikes”.

To add to the travel misery, train drivers on London Midland trains will strike on 23 December in a row over pay and conditions. They are angry that drivers are earning different wages for the same jobs after the firm was formed in a merger.