Bosses taking a tougher line on late workers

EMPLOYERS are taking a tougher line with staff because of the recession, with one in six prepared to sack somebody for being late just two or three times, a new survey has revealed.

Twelve per cent of business leaders in the UK said they would show the door to a worker who was late four or five times with 39 per cent reporting they are now paying more attention to what time workers arrive than they had before the downturn.

The study, on behalf of online jobs site, included more than 100 UK business leaders.

While employers would prefer workers to clock in at their designated start time, many said they were willing to give workers with some flexibility.

Forty-six per cent of UK employers said they didn’t care if their employees are running late as long as their work is completed on time with good quality. However, some reported that they had been given “lame” excuses including one who claimed their cat had got caught in its flap.

Tony Roy, managing director for CareerBuilder UK, said: “Getting organised and preparing for the upcoming day the night before can help to improve punctuality and make the commute less hectic.”