Boris retains poll lead in latest vote

BORIS Johnson remains on track to win a second term in office, according to the latest mayoral poll by YouGov.

The survey of more than a thousand Londoners suggests that the Conservative candidate is on track to win 45 per cent of first preference votes, against Ken Livingstone’s 40 per cent.

After second preferences are reallocated Johnson is left with a 53 to 47 lead.

Although Labour enjoys a six per cent lead in national opinion polls this has not rubbed off on the party’s candidate, with only four-fifths of party voters saying they plan to back Livingstone on 3 May.

Johnson’s support among women may prove to be crucial, with the current mayor enjoying a 51 per cent share of the female vote against Livingstone’s 36 per cent. Labour’s candidate leads the male vote by 45 to 39 and also dominates the under 40 vote.