Bonkers for bankers? All in favour say Aye

“LONDON should love its bankers” was the motion debated at the Royal Geographical Society on Tuesday evening. Over 700 City folk, plus literary man Sebastian Faulks, headed west to Kensington to hear the Ayes and the Nays have it out.

Speaking for the motion were Anthony Fry, chairman of Espirito Santo, and ex-Goldman bigwig Jennifer Moses. Moses, also a former adviser to Gordon Brown during his residency at Number 10, wasted no time in taking opposing speaker Ken Livingstone to task over his “hang a banker” remark.

Speaking the other way Livingstone told the audience: “If tonight’s motion is carried I will turn to that ‘50 Shades of Grey’ and go for a bit of sadomasochism”.

The motion was duly carried by 338 votes to 281.