Bolland must think again as Parker says no

WHEN Marks & Spencer’s chief executive Marc Bolland recently told Andrew Grant of Tulchan that his spin doctoring services were no longer wanted, he did so hoping that Brunswick would step into the breach. And he had good reason to think that, since Brunswick’s spinmeister Alan Parker led him to believe he would be only too happy to pick up the account he had lost to Tulchan eight years ago.

But it isn’t to be, for The Capitalist hears that Parker has had second thoughts about the plan.

Parker’s problem is that Brunswick also advises Tesco and Debenhams in the same sector and Tesco in particular is said not to be amused by the idea that its agency would also act for M&S – no matter how many Chinese walls Brunswick might erect.

Sources say that Tesco has been assured there will be no attempt to try to manage both accounts from the same agency so it is back to the drawing board for M&S.

RLM Finsbury is conflicted because of its association with Sainsbury’s so it is up to firms such as Maitland, Phillip Gawith’s Stockwell or FTI Consulting to pitch in for this high-profile account. Let the battle commence.