Boeing and Airbus see a return to growth in global cargo traffic

BOEING expects global air cargo traffic to return to growth next year as economies in the US and China begin to stage a recovery, a senior executive at the aerospace giant said yesterday.<br /><br />Air cargo growth typically leads economic and passenger traffic growth by 3-6 months, Jim Edgar, Boeing&rsquo;s regional director for cargo marketing, said.<br /><br />&ldquo;This year, we&rsquo;re anticipating a deeper decline and it&rsquo;ll be the first time in history that we&rsquo;ll have two years of decline back to back,&rdquo; Edgar said, referring to worldwide cargo traffic.<br /><br />Meanwhile, rival Airbus forecast a jump of four per cent or more in global air travel next year. Airbus and Boeing are headed for their worst annual order tally in at least 15 years.