A body scrub that’s perfect at lunchtime

Elemis exotic lime and ginger salt glow at the citypoint club

TWICE last week I stripped down for a strange man. The first was James Read, spray tanner to the stars, based at Agua at The Sanderson (see left). “Hello, just take off all your clothes and put these on,” he said to me, pointing to a pair of tiny paper knickers. I soon got over any body shyness and the results were thrilling, in that I looked very evenly tanned and glowing, rather than streaky and orange, or pale.

The second time was for the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow exfoliation treatment at the Citypoint Club, where I declothed and presented my flesh for the super-talented therapist Roberto.

Again, I soon let go of any awkwardness, thanks to Roberto’s expert massage (this is his speciality and he has practiced it at luxury hotels around the world) and the grainy, invigorating product that made me forget everything apart from how much my skin wanted the pummeling he gave it, first with a body brush, then with the salts. After the body brushing, warm oil is dripped over you and then the Lime and Ginger Salt is scrubbed in. A quick shower later, plus a smothering in moisturiser, and I left smelling gorgeous and with baby-smooth skin. The other great thing about this treatment is it’s brevity: 30 minutes, in and out, back before lunch hour is over. Next time you have a hot date, or a weekend in the sun planned, make sure you book in.

£40 for 30 mins.