Bob Diamond’s fiercest critic threatened by act of sabotage

BANK-BOTHERING Labour MP John Mann won few friends in the City establishment with his robust denunciations of Bob Diamond during July’s hearings into Barclays’ abuse of the Libor rate.

But the star of the Treasury select committee (who describes himself in press releases as “Outspoken Labour MP John Mann”) yesterday revealed that he had a brush with death after his car was sabotaged in London.

Mann drove 200 miles back to his Worksop constituency without any nuts holding the wheels onto his car and struggled to control the vehicle after he turned onto winding country lanes. “The consequences of this madness do not bear thinking about,” he said. “I and others could easily have been killed”.

Mann says he believes it was a bodged theft, rather than a threat. But it’s not the first time he has been targeted– in May his wife received a dead bird in the post.

The Docklands Light Railway celebrated its 25th birthday in the time-honoured tradition yesterday morning: with balloons and a cake with candles. DLR director Jonathan Fox was on hand at Stratford Regional Station to cut the cake and dispense slices to lucky commuters. The Capitalist understands that it was a three foot-long sponge cake, in the shape of DLR carriages. But don’t feel left out if you missed yesterday’s festivities – instead try and catch a glimpse of the Paralympic torch as it travels on the DLR today.

On the subject of the Games, Mo Farah’s talents appear to know no bounds. The double gold medallist has signed up to promote the cause of Virgin, helping push up the pace of Sir Richard Branson’s online crusade to keep his hands on the West Coast rail route. An online petition calling for the beardy one to have another crack at running the trains passed 85,000 signatures last night – within sprinting distance of the 100,000 mark needed to trigger a debate in parliament.

There’s still a week left to bid for City Wenlock, the pinstriped statue being auctioned off after the Olympics to raise money for Mayor's Fund for London. The Olympic mascot has a price to match his Square Mile credentials – bids had reached £16,694 last night – but cheaper lots include swimming trunks signed by diving star Tom Daley, at just over £100. To bid, visit