Bob Diamond’s fans love pasties

BOB Diamond had few supporters left when he stepped down as Barclays chief executive last year. But now, thanks to a new market research tool, we can see that his remaining fans are a hard-living bunch who like to spend their free time drinking Grolsch and eating Ginsters pasties.

By contrast, people who like outgoing Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King prefer to watch cricket and read classic Jane Austen novels.

The findings come from polling company YouGov, which has meshed together hundreds of thousands of opinions on public figures, brands and culture.

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, the research shows banking giant Goldman Sachs is particularly popular with people who spend their time watching stand-up comics John Bishop and Chris Rock. Leading rival Morgan Stanley attracts a more refined clientele who prefer to watch film and TV programmes involving Burt Reynolds and former Groundforce builder Tommy Walsh.

But The Capitalist recommends heading to the party at KPMG, where fans of the professional services firm spend their days listening to the Happy Mondays and dance music pioneers Orbital.

Rave on.