BoA executive reveals drinks party disaster

EVEN the most professional and senior among us in the Square Mile have had the odd embarrassing moment at work – sending an email to the addresss of the person you were composing a rant of complaint about? Sure.

However, former president of global wealth and investment management at Bank of America Sallie Krawcheck has a more unusual tale than most of mortifying career woe.

When she joined Bank of America, Krawcheck held a cocktail party at her home to welcome the new chief executive at the bank – in addition to the highest profile clients from the firm’s US Trust division.

“We have a very shy black cat” Krawcheck explained as part of a LinkedIn Q&A. “In all of the client events I’ve had in my home, she’s been too shy to make an appearance.”

But while the boss was delivering words of wisdom on the bank’s balance sheet, the naughty black cat planted herself on a step that put her at head height of the chief executive.

“Then she kicked up her leg and began cleaning her nether-regions – I’m not sure the CEO ever knew why there was so much coughing from the assembled guests” said Krawcheck.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a Cinderella ending: “Before too long I was restructured out of the bank, but this story always reminds me how much I’ve enjoyed the journey along the way.”

With that sort of glass half full attitude no wonder Krawcheck has carved a successful media career for herself since leaving the bank.