<strong>22 August 2007<br /></strong>Lehman closes its subprime lender BNC Mortgage as the sector falls into crisis.<br /><br /><strong>17 June 2008<br /></strong>Bank posts a $2.8bn loss in just one fiscal quarter.<br /><br /><strong>13 September 2008<br /></strong>Barclays and Bank of America end buyout plans as New York Fed boss Tim Geithner holds crisis talks.<br /><br /><strong>15 September 2008<br /></strong>In the early hours, Lehman files for Chapter 11 protection and the race to sell off assets begins.<br /><br /><strong>16 September 2008<br /></strong>Barclays buys part of Lehman&rsquo;s USassets.<br /><br /><strong>22 September 2008<br /></strong>Nomura says it would buy Lehman&rsquo;s franchise in Asia Pacific and acquire its European arm.