Blatter accuses England of being sore losers and claims Fifa are squeaky clean

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has described England as “bad losers” over the fall-out from the failed 2018 World Cup bid.

Blatter also rejected the corruption allegations printed and broadcasted by the British media and said he was being targeted by anti-FIFA journalists.

He said: “To be honest, I was surprised by all the English complaining after the defeat. England, of all people, the motherland of fair play ideas.

“Now some of them are showing themselves to be bad losers.”

On the subject of alleged corruption and vote-rigging, Blatter insisted the governing body were the subject of false allegations, but admitted a change of image was required. 

“There is no systematic corruption in FIFA. That is nonsense,” he said. “We are financially clean and clear. But we need to improve our image. We also need to clarify some things within FIFA.”