Blankfein’s snowy beard is a standout success at Davos

IT is more subtle than Ben Bernanke’s and, according to Christine Harper of Bloomberg, less dark than its owner would like. But Lloyd Blankfein’s beard managed to catch everyone’s attention in Davos, even against the wintry backdrop. Blankfein told CNBC he was extending his holiday look, a laidback sentiment for the head of an investment bank. We like to think Blankfein could also be tipping his hat to some early City bankers: the Lombards, or Lango Bardi, named for their long beards. If so, Blankfein won’t be reaching for his razor just yet.

■ When the Sage of Omaha Warren Buffett has a wager with a friend he doesn’t do things by half. A $1m 10-year bet struck with a New York hedge of hedge funds in 2008 seems to finally be paying off. Buffet bet the S&P 500 would outperform hedge of hedge funds over a 10 year stretch. Buffett took the lead on Friday for the first time: Omaha 1 Wall Street 0.