The Blankfein beard sparks stubble debate

THE BEARD belonging to Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein managed to catch everyone’s attention in Davos, and as it grows so does the stream of commentary surrounding it.

Facial hair trends have, thankfully, come a long way since JP Morgan’s namesake John Pierpont Morgan sported a bushy handlebar. So, beard or clean-cut, what is de rigueur in the Square Mile these days?

The Capitalist consulted co-founder of City tailor Cad & The Dandy James Sleater, who ought to know about acceptable workplace grooming, having worked at BNP Paribas before breaking into men’s fashion. His verdict? “Short, well-trimmed beards are massively back in fashion.” So it seems the facial fluff of Xstrata’s Mick Davis is bang on trend. Perhaps Blankfein is growing out his designer stubble (“so Nineties” says Sleater) to bring back the full-blown grizzly beard.