Blair: Tories are vacuous

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair lit up the pre-election battle yesterday, trumpeting Gordon Brown’s experience and launching a harsh attack on “vacuous” Tory promises of change.

Speaking at the Trimdon Labour Club where he announced his resignation three years ago, Blair said Brown had supplied the leadership desperately needed by Britain during the financial crisis.

He went on to ridicule Tory leader David Cameron’s indecision. He said: “They look like they’re either the old Tory party, but want to hide it; or they’re not certain which way to go. But either is not good news.”

The intervention was welcomed by Brown. But a YouGov poll for The Sun later found 50 per cent of people rated Blair a better PM.

Meanwhile, Whitehall mandarins are drawing up contingency plans for a hung parliament that could see Brown remain in charge for weeks.