Black swans get into the Christmas spirit

Elizabeth Fournier
THE official 12 days of Christmas may not start until 25 December itself, but hundreds of Canary Wharf workers will be getting in the spirit a little early by taking part in a festive run around the Docklands this Wednesday.

To liven up proceedings, children’s charity Starlight – which organises the run to raise money to treat children spending Christmas in hospital – has been searching for teams to dress up as characters from the carol.

With drummers, colly birds and partridges in pear trees a-plenty, there’s no word yet on which City team will be swapping their suits for skirts to become nine ladies dancing.

But The Capitalist is tipping her santa hat to Neil Darke, chief executive of Collins Stewart Wealth Management, who has persuaded five of his colleagues to join him in tights and tutus to form seven swans a swimming.

“Its not often I wear a tutu,” claimed Darke. “But this is such a worthy cause, I couldn’t resist and I thought I’d make a better swan than a dancing lady”.

Seeing as most wealth managers live in mortal fear of black swans, The Capitalist can only assume Darke and his team will be sticking to traditional white.