Bin Laden was unarmed when shot by US troops

THE WHITE House last night revealed fresh details of Osama bin Laden’s death, shifting the official story on the mission to kill the world’s most wanted man.

US officials now say the Al-Qaeda leader was not armed when he was shot dead by special forces, although maintained he “did resist” during the 40-minute raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

It emerged that he was shot in the head and chest and that his wife was taken alive, dispelling speculation he used her as a human shield.

She did, however, suffer a leg wound, after rushing towards the US navy SEAL team storming the third floor bedroom where bin Laden was holed up.

The White House’s official spokesman Jay Carney added that a “volatile firefight” had taken place.

Officials also attempted to dispel growing speculation over the evidence of bin Laden’s death. They claimed official photographs of bin Laden’s corpse do exist, yet would not immediately be released.

“It is fair to say it is a gruesome photograph… it could be inflammatory,” said Carney.

However, CIA chief Leon Panetta said the photographs would “ultimately” be released.