Sometimes Pret just doesn’t hit the spot for lunch, don’t you find? Such was the case for two Russian gents, residents of Chelsea, who splurged the best part of two grand on their midday meal one day last week. Our epicures started out with a £180 bottle of Dom Perignon to whet the appetite, which they followed with a burger each. Instead of the more traditional glass of Coke, though, they plumped to wash it down with the far more classy accompaniment of a bottle of Mouton Rothschild 86 – something which set them back a cool £1,300. Replenished, they settled their stomachs with a digestif consisting of a couple of shots of Royal Standard vodka. The grand total for their lunch, including a tip of £182.64? £1,704.64. And they paid up at 2.49pm, no doubt just in time to get back to the office and put in a good, solid afternoon of work.