THIRSTY doesn’t really begin to describe this group of five businessmen who headed to the Charlotte Street branch of Argentinian steakhouse Gaucho for a £2,383.40 slap-up lunch.

They began with three bottles of Krug champagne, before moving on to Gaucho’s Argentinian wine list, starting with three bottles of the Finca La Anita Varua 2007 merlot, and going on to sup on others including a Cheval de Andes 2005, a Nicholas Catena Zapata Nicasia malbec and a Vina Cobos Bramare.

All in all, they managed to knock back no less than 16 bottles of wine and bubbly, so it’s probably a good job they accompanied it with copious amounts of finest Argentinian beef, empanadas and squid to soak up the booze…