IF anyone out there believed elaborate dinners were going out of fashion in these straitened times, think again.<br /><br />Friday night, and four guests rocked up at the Lanesborough hotel&rsquo;s Apsleys restaurant for Dom Perignon champagne, exquisite Scavino Barolo Annunziata Reserva wine, lobster spaghetti, veal and Dover sole.<br /><br />But it was after dinner, when they retired to the hotel&rsquo;s luxury Garden Room smoking area, that the action really got going &ndash; with Montecristo, Cuaba and Henry Clay cigars, Macallan Scotch whisky and a rare Fransac 1940 cognac.<br /><br />That little lot might have set them back a costly &pound;2,137.49, but The Capitalist imagines it was well worth it to lie back and think of Cuba&hellip;