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AS such a big night at Raffles on the King’s Road last Tuesday that the general manager had “only just got in” at 3.30pm the next day. To be fair, however, it was only twelve hours after a local Chelsea resident, believed to be a ship broker, had left the club after creating one of the biggest bills this column has ever seen: £62,744, including a service charge of £8,184. Eight bottles of Don Julio tequila at £190 and one of £4,800 Dalmore whisky sustained the group, who gave out 16 of the club’s signature Singapore Slings to the “well-heeled girls” on the table next-door. To the club’s “horror”, however, said a spokesperson for Raffles, four of the six bottles of 1996 Krug Clos d’Ambonnay were sprayed across several tables – £32,000 of liquid assets down the drain.