THE CUBAN missile crisis was nothing compared to the fuss that ensued when the new furniture for Gaucho Broadgate was detained as a “suspect package” by HM Customs & Excise. No matter that the dubious shipment was from Italy and not Havana, as first suspected, Gaucho will be without designer décor for its new cigar and cognac lounge until Christmas. Not that the lack of Umbrian hardwood bothered ten American bankers from JP Morgan, Citi, UBS and Credit Suisse, who ticked up a Hemingwayesque bill last Wednesday by ordering 13 Cohiba Behike and Montecristo cigars and 13 large measures of Delamain and Richard Hennessy cognac. Unlucky for someone’s expense account, clearly, judging by the £3,000 damage. At least they left a 10 per cent tip.