SIX SQUARE Mile brokers spent last Tuesday afternoon locked in back-to-back meetings – a lengthy lunch meeting at The Door Oyster Bar & Grill on Cornhill, that is, where the party remained until 6.30pm in the evening. The steak and oyster specialist is a new addition to the Square Mile dining scene, so the diners wasted no time trying pretty much everything on the menu: Blackwater, Mourne Rock and rare Japanese Kumomoto oysters; scallops, smoked salmon, lobster salad and Atlantic cod ceviche; and steaks of Waygu beef, cut from cows the restaurant claims have been raised on a daily diet of beer. One bottle of Dom Perignon, two bottles of Chateau Montrose, one bottle of Chateau Yquem and nine rounds of Remy Martin cognac later, the well-fed group trotted off into the September night £3,000 the poorer.