A BIT of an unusual one this week from the St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar, whose proprietors must have been rubbing their hands together with glee after a City commuter got carried away before his journey home recently. <br /><br />Having stopped by for refreshment, the chap in question spied a Dom Perignon vintage 1995 white gold jeroboam on the menu &ndash; costing an eye-watering &pound;6,950 &ndash; and decided it was high time to splash out. <br /><br />The bottle, one of only a hundred in circulation in the world, comes wrapped in a sheath of white gold with a laser engraved Dom Perignon label, hence the hefty price tag. <br /><br />Let&rsquo;s hope our moneyed connoisseur took his purchase back home to savour for a special occasion&hellip;