Big City Climb a good excuse to get super fit

Laura Williams

NEED a new fitness goal? Whether you’re trying to banish your summer barbecue belly, or getting in early for your Christmas LBD, we might have just the fitness event for you... The Lord Mayor’s Appeal is after “daredevil contenders” to take part in a unique climbing event this autumn when participants can run or walk their way up the stairwells of iconic City buildings to scale 3,407 metres, a height equivalent to the Three Peaks.

The event, called the Big City Climb, is taking place at Guildhall on Sunday 9 October, and will enable “lucky” participants to climb the stairs of some of the tallest buildings in the City (but if the thought of the full challenge leaves you reeling, you can also opt for half the distance at 1703.5 metres).

Either rope a few colleagues in and enter a team, or go it alone. To sign up and for more info visit, or call 0207 520 0324.

If raising money for charity or whipping your competitor’s a*** isn’t enough to reel you in, what about the health benefits of climbing?

Climbing burns up around a whopping 550 calories an hour!
With both legs and arms working overtime, any kind of climbing is good for muscle toning.
A recent study from the University of Geneva found that after three months of regular stair climbing, volunteers had better lung capacity, blood pressure and cholesterol measurements.
There’s a strong link between improved bone density and stair climbing (so anyone with iffy knees should definitely sign on the dotted line).